E.117 Walt Disney's, The Reluctant Dragon Recap (1941 film)

Today on the Obscure Disney Podcast we are chatting a bit about the 3rd Disney movie, The Reluctant Dragon (1941 film).


The Reluctant Dragon is a 1941 American live-action and animated film produced by Walt Disney, directed by Alfred Werker, and released by RKO Radio Pictures on June 20, 1941. Essentially a tour of the then-new Walt Disney Studios facility in Burbank, California, the film stars radio comedian Robert Benchley and many Disney staffers such as Ward KimballFred MooreNorman FergusonClarence Nash, and Walt Disney, all as themselves.

The first twenty minutes of the film are in grayscale and black-and-white, the remainder is in Technicolor. Most of the film is live-action, with four short animated segments inserted into the running time: a black-and-white segment featuring Casey Junior from Dumbo; and three Technicolor cartoons: Baby WeemsGoofy‘s How to Ride a Horse, and the extended-length short The Reluctant Dragon, based upon Kenneth Grahame‘s book of the same name. The total length of all animated parts is 40 minutes.