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We Saved You A Seat (On the Original Bench)


Everyone needs that friend sometimes; that friend who you send on ahead to save you a spot when you are too busy, too lazy, or it's just too boring to sit and wait for an event. There is nothing better than sauntering up at the last moment, people giving you looks like: 'You ain't pushing me out of my spot!' and smiling as your friend motions you over; "I saved you a seat!"

We are going to be your digital seat-saving friends! We have the great pleasure of getting to go to Disneyland fairly often and we want to save you a seat next to us while we discuss the highs and lows, the triumphs and failures and all other things Disney.

As adult fans of the mouse, sometimes we get pushed to the side because we aren't the "target demographic". Lets be honest; it's a place that caters to kids. (And that's TOTALLY ok, btw) But that doesn't mean that you have to be young to enjoy it, just young at heart. The only real downside has been that merchandise tends to be kid-centric as well. I don't want a shirt with a character on it. I don't want another pair of ears (except for glow with the show merch, which we will talk about later). I want clever, adult clothing that gives a wink and a nod to other Dis-nerds. I want to have conversations about the business side of the parks. I want to support my favorite place and IPs with a mature air.

So we are gonna park our rears on a bench and chat with you for a while. Come sit down, get out of the heat, maybe grab a churro or ice cream and talk with us.

It may be crowded out here today, but the good news is; We Saved You a Seat!

 Hey Y'all! We Saved You A Seat!