After designing patches for a few months, we noticed that all of our designs seemed to be masculine in nature; so we decided we needed something with a bit more color, something possibly based on a princess movie... So we came up with a battle unicorn wearing a viking helmet. 

Actually, Tangled is one of our favorite princess movies and the Snuggly Duckling scene has a lot of unique characters with some fun side hustle type jobs that would be fun to make art for. While there are quite a few that would have made great patches, we thought most people would remember Vladimir and his ceramic unicorns. 

We tossed around a few concepts but finally settled on this rainbow - haired war beast wearing a similar helmet to Vladimir himself. Unfortunately this design didn't automatically lend itself to being made into a patch and it took a few redesigns to get it to a place where everything would read when it was made in thread. 

The mailer needed to have some fun clues to what we were going for, so making it look like it was an invitation printed on the back of a wanted poster was a clever idea. Inside we added the dancing rats from the scene in the film and the imagery from the Snuggly Duckling sign. Lastly we tried to hide some evidence under the patch.... pretty sure it wont stay hidden for long.