Patch #1; Working With Mara


If you are looking at your patch and wondering; "What the..." you have come to the right place!

I'm going to take you through the process of making this patch and what all the obscure references are.

 Approaching the Temple


Firstly, I went with this concept because this is my favorite ride. I cannot go to Disneyland without riding it at least twice. The ambiance and theme speak to my soul and makes me happy, so naturally I needed to do a patch for this attraction first.

The story of this attraction is classic Indiana Jones stuff; A hidden temple has been found in the lost delta in India built to the seemingly fickle god Mara. Rumor has it that once inside the deity will bestow on you one of three gifts; Visions of the Future, Earthly Riches or Eternal Youth. Naturally the world is drawn to the temple to search out the gifts inside. However, if while in the presence of the statue of Mara you happened to glance into the eyes of the idol a horrible fate befell you. Indiana Jones is called in to help find some of the people who have vanished inside, but has disappeared as well.

I thought a optometry office run by an idol who's eyes you cannot look into was just too clever to pass up. In addition the line "You looked into my eyes!" which the god Mara shouts at riders fit very well into a business motto. When you add to all this that the symbol for the profession is a staff surrounded by snakes with an eye over it (all imagery that is prevalent in the attraction) and it was a complete idea.

In order to make things move along at the speed I wanted, I decided that this was the time to start drawing digitally...what was I thinking? I find drawing on a computer like trying to draw with your non-dominate hand without being able to watch what you are doing. It was a steep leaning curve with a lot of errors and headaches; and while it didn't end up perfect, the finished product was adequate enough to use as my final design and send off to be printed.

The patch features the before mentioned symbol of optometry with the normal snakes replaced by cobras, the shape inspired by a mural that can be seen immediately upon entering the attraction and the clever wordplay that made me chuckle. The sunburst colors and fun dome shape lent itself to a unique patch that is sure to catch people's eye. It is unusual enough that if you don't know the attraction well you might not think much of it, but other super nerds like me will probably catch on to the idea.

The delivery conveyance needed to have a bit of fun too, so I thought a newspaper advertisement might be an unusual way to present my idea. The image of a Mara carving with a strip of cloth nailed over the eyes seemed like a great way to put a face on the product. Another great detail of the ride is a complete alphabet created for the hieroglyphics throughout the attraction, so I added some 'marabic' onto the presentation to give it some mystique.


I am thrilled that this is my first finished patch and look forward to the next fun challenge.